To provide a quotation,would need the information below:

Model boundary, dimensions and scale.
The final design of drawing of the buildings in JPG or CAD.
Delivery and installation destinations.
Expected completion date.
You might also select similar architectural model photos
Select Style of your expected model detail standard and style from our website.
Once we received the above information, we will prepare a offer the quotation within 48 hours.

Receiving the project information

After the quotation is confirmed, we need you to resend the latest documents to ensure that our model makers can produce the model according to the latest design.
Updated master plan in CAD with dimensions and range, model restricts /boundary/scope.
Updated master plan in CAD.
Buildings: Elevations, Plan and section of all the buildings in CAD.(if any).
Color Scheme:Select the colored from the sample. WE will communicate the architectural model effect with customers and produce model strictly based on your design drawings